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The Scars Women Bear

Book Extras

Journal Prompts

  •  Am I willing to release my pain and burdens and step into deeper healing?

  •  What is holding me back from deeper healing?

  •  What am I proud of myself for?

  •  How is my pain showing up in my life?

        In my body:

        In my brain:

        In my movement:

        In my emotions: 

  • Am I seeing myself rightly, and speaking/thinking LIFE over myself and my circumstances? Are there any “lenses or glasses” I need to throw away that have been clouding my perspective?​​

Need more space to write? 

Download extra journal pages here

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Meet the Author...

Dr. Jennifer Arceneaux, PT, DPT, who is widely known as The Scar Lady, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Lafaeytte, LA. She is the creator of The Scar Lady Protocol and author of Scars: More Than Skin Deep.  Dr. Jen has experience treating patients across the lifespan with physical therapy. She is passionate about helping people lead their best life through physical therapy and wellness with a holistic outlook.

When not treating patients, Dr. Jen enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading.  

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