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Dr. Jennifer Arceneaux, PT, DPT

Dr. Melancon is a Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2012 and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. She has special training in pelvic floor physical therapy, scar treatment, and neurological and orthopedic treatment modalities. 

She is a Christian who enjoys traveling and the great outdoors.

Dear Friend,


I am so glad you are here. My heart is to help people who are searching for physical and emotional healing and wellness after skin trauma, surgery, injury, or in need of wellness help.

Scars affect the body, brain and nervous system in a profound way. They can be root causes of chronic pain and movement issues (even years or decades later). The good news is that there are solutions to these issues. Hope and healing are available to help you feel better about how your body looks and moves!


I would love to hear your story and help you. Let’s connect and get you on the road to healing and wellness. If you change your scar, you just might change your life!


To health and wellness,

Dr. Jen


Julie Speight, PTA

Peggy Redd, Admin. Assistant

Julie Boutin Speight graduated with her degree in Physical Therapist Assisting from Our Lady of the Lake College in 2017. Julie began her career as a certified Physical Therapy Technician in 2012. 

Julie has work experience in several settings, including in-patient acute care hospital and inpatient rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient rehabilitation with both adults and children. 

Julie provides a hands-on manual approach as well as an exercise and Pilates-based approach to the treatment of spine and extremity pain. She enjoys establishing functional, home-based exercise programs to incorporate patient and family education to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Julie is enthusiastic about new opportunities to pursue continuing education and further her knowledge in treatment of the spine, nervous system, and pelvic floor. 

She enjoys volunteering with local charities that support children and adults with disabilities in sport and activity. 

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