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 The Scar Lady - Dr. Jennifer Arceneaux, PT, DPT                                             

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Check out Dr. Jen's interview on the
Birth Acadiana Podcast


Corporate Wellness

Learn ways to regulate the nervous system, improve employee health and work smarter not harder.

"Every facet of work and work-life balance improves when employees have tools to regulate their nervous system in a changing environment."
Scars: More Than Skin Deep 


Physicians, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and
Medical Practitioners

  • Learn how scars impact your patient’s body, brain, nervous system and emotions. 


  • Learn how to recommend the most comprehensive follow-up care for best overall patient health.

  • Enrich your diagnostic skills and gain a new perspective on your patient's experience after surgery or skin trauma.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and woman of faith, Dr. Jen is both enlightening and inspiring.


Gym Owners | Coaches Personal Trainers

  • Learn how to screen athletes and clients through a unique motor control framework that accounts for past surgeries, scars and injuries (including birth trauma) to promote safe movement and strength training foundations and growth.

  • Learn about importance of scar tissue and motor control/performance.

  • Host an educational event for your clients.

Dr. Jen is the creator of
The Scar Lady Protocol
an at-home 15 minute/day program than can decrease appearance and negative effects of scar tissue on movement, the brain, nervous system and emotions.

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