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What is my pelvic floor?

Each person has a pelvic floor, and it is the bottom of the core. The pelvic floor is comprised of muscles and ligaments that help support the bladder, rectum and male/female reproductive organs. It also is directly connected to your breathing pattern, jaw and actively involved in every step you take and all movement.

What should I expect at my evaluation?

How can scar tissue after birth or trauma affect me?

We will talk about all of your concerns and symptoms. We will go through your past medical, surgical and social history, as well as anything else you would like to share with Dr. Jen. We will look at your posture, balance, walking, movement and breathing patterns, and how any scar tissue may be impacting your muscle function. 


The pelvic floor exam will only be to your comfort level. We will begin with a gentle external exam and move into an internal exam only if you are comfortable to assess pelvic floor muscle tone, strength, contraction and function.  Many times, the jaw and tongue play an import role due to neurological connections in pelvic floor treatment.  The evaluation looks at your whole body, as everything is interconnected. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and your whole story matters in healing. 

Dr. Jen sees men, women and children for pelvic floor issues. 

I welcome all of your questions, and provide education through each step so you are confident of how to help yourself feel and move better. 

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