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Louisiana allows Direct Access to your Doctor of Physical Therapy.

"A physical therapist treating a patient without a prescription or referral must refer the patient to an appropriate healthcare provider if, after thirty days of physical therapy treatment, the patient has not made measurable or functional improvement;"

If you are already working with a healthcare provider, please have your provider email a referral for physical therapy evaluation and treatment to Referral must include your name, DOB, and diagnosis (including ICD-10 codes).


You do not need a referral for cosmetic scar treatment or wellness services. 


Dr. Jen practices physical therapy in a holistic manner, utilizing a variety of unique treatment techniques. She desires to work for and with you, the client, rather than for the insurance company. In many cases, it is more financially advantageous for the client and comprehensive. 

Curious to learn more? A conversation is free! 

Dr. Jen does accept HSA and FSA cards. The client is always welcome to contact their insurance company to see if out-of-network reimbursement is possible with their plan; however, Medicare and Medicaid do not allow self-submission. 

Dr. Jen does not submit insurance paperwork on behalf of the client.

Accepted payment methods are cash, check, credit or debit card or Zelle. A 4% service charge will be charged for use of a card. 


Dr. Jen will coordinate your appointment times with you.


Payment is due at time of booking initial evaluation to reserve your time.


We value our time together and look forward to serving you. 


Common Conditions We Treat, in both adults and children:

  • pain from scars (tightness, pulling, hypersensitivity ("I feel like I'm being ripped apart on my insides from scar tissue")

  •  decreased mobility or range of motion

  •  chronic pain

  • pelvic organ prolapse

  •  urinary (bladder) and bowel difficulties

  • male and female pelvic pain

  •  weakness

  •  impaired balance

  • joint replacement rehabilitation

  • post-fracture rehabilitation

  • developmental delay and pediatric conditions

  • post-concussion syndrome

  • motor vehicle accident injuries/traumas

  • sports injuries or sports performance needs

  • birth and pregnancy related issues (including c-section rehabilitation, diastasis rectus abdominus, perineal tearing), and more!


Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.  You will be professionally draped at all times during the session to your comfort level. 

Please be well hydrated with plenty of water leading up to and following your visit to help your body flush out toxins.

Don't forget about minerals and electrolyte support. 


"It’s simple! The Dolphin Neurostim™ is applied to each side of visible scars, transferring gentle, DC microcurrent deep into the tissue of the skin. When the microcurrent enters our body, it helps electrically “repolarize,” or release, the thickened scar tissue, as well as release fascia and muscles impinged by the scarring. Circulation is also increased, which, in turn, helps the lymphatic system remove dead cells from the body and encourages blood flow and healing to the area. All of this helps return mobility, improve appearance, and decrease pain both at the site of the scar and anywhere else in the body that scar may be affecting. In many cases, relief can be felt with one application!"

Are Tattoos Scars?

Yes! Scar tissue is created in the tattoo process where the ink is injected. Scar tissue is often invisible under the tattoo. Many times, scar tissue and fascial restrictions from tattoos are a piece of the puzzle in pain and movement issues. 

Am I Ready To Work With Dr. Jen?

Are you ready to actively participate in the next step on your healing journey? Are you willing to commit your time, energy, and resources to work as a team to achieve your health and wellness goals? Let's chat if you wholeheartedly say "YES!"

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