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Hips don’t lie!

I commonly hear “My hip (or hips) started hurting after my last surgery or birth.”

Women tell me this months or years after an abdominal surgery, cesarean birth, or natural birth with perineal tearing or episiotomy. Men often tell me this after abdominal or back surgery or skin trauma/tattoos.

What is the connection?

It‘s fascia, which is connective tissue that helps give tension, support and structure to our organs, skin, muscles and body. The abdomen and perineum are both very close to different hip muscles. Sometimes the brain adds extra workload to the hip muscles because it can’t find the core or pelvic floor muscles well. This is one of many ways scar tissue impacts movement and the nervous system.

To learn more about fascia, grab “Scars: More Than Skin Deep” here.

The hip may be yelling the loudest asking for help, but often addressing the scar tissue yields the greatest results. It is important to get to the root of the issue, not just to treat the symptoms.

To learn more, check out The Abdominal or Back Scar Course.

Dr. Jennifer Melancon, PT, DPT offers free 15 minute phone conversations to answer your questions. Reach out through the website.

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