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The tattoo and movement connection

The tattoo process creates scar tissue because the skin is repeatedly broken with the ink placement. When the skin heals, scar tissue forms.

This is a normal part of the healing process, but can create longer term movement issues. The brain gets information to tell muscles how to work based on skin movement.

Scar tissue interferes with good brain to muscle connection. When the skin and connective tissue/fascia don’t move well, the brain alters muscle function. Over time, muscles compensate and these compensation patterns may not hold up.

Pain, muscle tightness or weakness can be common symptoms that people experience. It’s always a good idea to dive deep and look for root causes.

Woman’s hand touching low back, which is red to indicate pain.
Abdominal or hip tattoos can be linked to back pain at times.

Looking into emotional roots with skin trauma and tattoos can also reveal important connections with current aches or pains. The brain stores trauma in scars.

What can I do to help my tattoo? The Scar Lady Protocol and online scar courses can teach you three easy steps to help your skin move better. This often leads to you feeling and moving better!

Here‘s to happy skin and good movement!

Dr. Jen

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