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Things I Stop Strangers in Parking Lots For

My physical therapist brain never stops working and being analytical. I may be in a parking lot and see someone who is limping because they have a walking boot or orthopedic shoe on. I cringe inside thinking of the impact of days, weeks or months of walking with a functional leg length difference on their other joints. Who wants to add knee, hip, back or other pain on top of a foot/ankle injury?

I often politely introduce myself and ask if I can share about a product to help “even up” their shoes to help them walk better.

This nifty product is called an “Even Up” and hooks on the outside of shoe on the non-affected leg. It is inexpensive but can do a world of good. Check it out here.

The other thing I often notice are assistive devices that are the wrong height for the person, or crutches that don’t fit right. If you need to use an assistive device, it’s important for a fitting with a trained professional. You don’t want to damage other joints (wrists/elbows), cause muscle overuse issues, or damage the nerves that control your arms by hanging on crutches.

These are my parking lot thoughts for today. Tuck them away for the future or share with someone it will benefit now, please.

To health,

Dr. Jen

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