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Why Belly Button Piercings Matter

Belly button piercings stop your abdominal reflex defines reflex as "an action that is performed as a response to a stimulus and without conscious thought". The abdominal reflex occurs when the skin around the belly button is lightly touched. In normal tissue the abdominal muscles will contract. But where there is scar, the abdominal wall does not respond. Belly button piercings cause scars. This is a big deal to loose an important reflex and have core muscles that do not respond correctly.

The navel is important.

Your first scar is your belly button after birth. The umbilical cord supplies life-giving nutrients to a growing fetus. After birth, the cord is clamped then cut. The remaining cord falls off as the belly button heals. Connective tissue and organs develop from the middle of the fetus outwards in early development. The location of the navel is central in the body. Everything in the body is connected by fascia. Scar tissue in the belly button can affect the entire front of your body or more. Because of this, many muscles may work differently.

Check out if you are interested in learning more about your belly button and essential oils.

How can a belly button piercing affect me?

I use muscle testing as a physical therapist to gather information about how the brain is using muscles. I test the abdominal muscles in almost every patient I see, regardless of what brings them to see me. Why? Because core stability is crucial for arms and legs to have a stable base to work off. Core muscles stabilize the spine. Most core muscles test poorly when a person has their belly button pierced. Then an amazing thing happens! I ask them to touch their belly button and I re-test them. Without fail, at least one core muscle turns back on*. Often, many core muscles turn back on. This makes a huge difference in the person's function and overall stability.

Check out my blog about how skin trauma and scars affect movement.

*I use the phrase "turns on" to show improved brain-muscle connection and ability for the muscle to work properly

What do I about my scar?

Check out to learn more about The Scar Lady Protocol. The Scar Lady Protocol is a simple, at home three step process to help decrease scar tissue. You can build core strength more effectively when your brain and core muscles work together. I would love to chat with you in a free 15 minute consultation.

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