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Scars tell the story of our lives, and everyone has at least one.  But for many people, the appearance of these scars can cause them to feel uncomfortable or unhappy with their appearance.  It’s not just cosmetic...scars can affect your skin, connective tissue, organ function, brainand emotional state.  Both old and newer scars (including tattoos and piercings) can be acontributing factor to pain and impaired movement.  Addressing the physical and emotionalcomponents of skin trauma is an important step in the prevention and treatment of chronic pain.  Known as "The Scar Lady", Dr. Jennifer Melancon presents a new book that will help youimprove your scar tissue and change your life, without invasive procedures. 

After reading this guide, you will:

• Know your options: No matter what the cause of your scar tissue, there’s a treatment out therethat will get the results you’re looking for.

• Get the right mindset: For many people, scarring can cause devastating effects.  This book shows you how to focus on helping the mind and body heal.

• Get your life back: Learn how to ease pain related to scars and regain the life you desire.  Initiating scar care as soon as possible after skin injury can prevent the formation of problemslater in life.


This book is your guide to starting the recovery process today!


Want a paperback copy? Scars: More than Skin Deep by Dr. Jennifer Melancon, PT, DPT is also avaible for purchase on Amazon. 

Scars: More than Skin Deep: How Physical Scars Affect Your Brain and Body

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