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You can carry something heavy (to bear) while simultaneously opening yourself physically a

The Scars Women Bear

Book Launch Team

Book Launch Team Member Requirements

  •  Read the PDF version of The Scars Women Bear prior to launch day (October 25th, 2023) and provide feedback.

  •  Write an honest review on Amazon of TSWB and post on social media in the two weeks prior to launch and during launch week.

  •  Share book launch promo graphics on your social media platforms and book clubs, etc.

  •  Purchase E-Book on launch day at a promo $0.99​​ on Amazon

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Launch Team Members can be...

  • Women who have experienced childbirth and/or surgery

  • Nurses, Midwives, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Counselors, Surgeons, OB/Gyns​


Meet the Author...

Dr. Jennifer Melancon, PT, DPT, who is widely known as The Scar Lady, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Lafaeytte, LA. She is the creator of The Scar Lady Protocol and author of Scars: More Than Skin Deep.  Dr. Jen has experience treating patients across the lifespan with physical therapy. She is passionate about helping people lead their best life through physical therapy and wellness with a holistic outlook.

When not treating patients, Dr. Jen enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading.  

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