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Abdominal Scar Course

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This course is for anyone who has had abdominal surgery (even laparoscopic surgery which leaves smaller scars) gallbladder removal appendectomy hysterectomy bariatric surgery exploratory laparotomy reproductive surgery belly button piercing tummy tuck DIEP reconstruction (see Breast Scar Course) abdominal or rib cage tattoos Scars can be a root cause of current aches and pains or movement issues. It is never too late to address the physical and emotional aspects from scar trauma. This courses includes: a graduated strength program demonstrations on how to assess scar tissue education on how to help your body’s muscles function better explanation on how scars impact your brain to muscle communication revelation on how scars affect your emotions and nervous system proper breathing education BONUS: Scar Taping Video and The Scar Trauma Journal *For C-Sections, check out the C-Section and Epidural Scar Course

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Abdominal Scars, $499.00


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