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Back Scar Course

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This course is for anyone who has had -back surgery (even laparoscopic surgery) -an epidural -a spinal tap -a mole removal off your back -or back tattoos Scars of any size can have a surprising effect on the surrounding muscle tissue, including your back, core, and balance. Scars change the muscle connection with your brain. Older scars can be a root cause of current aches and pains or movement issues. It is never too late to address the physical and emotional aspects from scar trauma. This courses includes: -A graduated strength program -Demonstrations on how to assess scar tissue -Education on how to help your body’s muscles function better -Explanation on how scars impact your brain to muscle communication -Revelation on how scars affect your emotions and nervous system and more BONUS: Scar Taping Video and The Scar Trauma Journal

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Back Scar Course, $499.00


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