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Pregnant Scar Work Benefits

There are many benefits of addressing prior surgical or other other skin traumas (burns, tattoos, piercings, cuts/scrapes) while pregnant, especially on the chest, abdomen, perineum and back.

Scar tissue is an invisible cloak of stress to your nervous system, tipping it more towards sympathetic dominance. This means you may be more easily prone to enter fight, flight, freeze, or freak out states.

For example, a woman may have had her appendix removed as a child, and a gallbladder removal as an adult and is now pregnant. She might report tightness in her hips and upper ribcage/stomach, and maybe it’s harder to take a full, deep breath. Add a growing baby to that, and Mom may be even more uncomfortable.

If Mom can’t breath well using her diaphragm, or coordinate core muscles well for stability, she may have more musculoskeletal discomfort. It’s important have good stability in the middle of our bodies to have a stable base for our arms, legs, head and neck to work off.

This issue is easy to address with very gentle techniques with The Scar Lady Protocol in the online scar courses. I also teach The Scar Lady Protocol privately in 1:1 online sessions if I do not have a course already built for your needs.

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