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Did you know that the scars you bear and bare as a woman can have both visible and invisible lasting consequences on your life and health?


Scars can be a root cause of aches, chronic pain, health issues and emotional stress. Dr. Jen provides hope and education on how to navigate physical and emotional recovery after childbirth or surgery with practical tools in an interactive format.


Bear (verb): to support the weight of, sustain. Assume, accept.

Bare: (adjective): open to view, exposed.


"You can carry something heavy (to bear) while simultaneously opening yourself physically and emotionally (bare) to the experience and process."


Want a paperback copy? The Scars Women Bear by Dr. Jennifer Melancon, PT, DPT is also avaible for purchase on Amazon in Paperback and Large Print!

The Scars Women Bear: Physical and Emotional Healing After Childbirth or Surgery

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